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How to Stay Connected: Virtually

As we all know by now, working from home started out as a bit of a challenge. Many of us struggled with our internet connection, figuring out how to add someone to a Zoom call, worrying about our children running into our camera frame during an important meeting, but as all humans learn to do, we adjusted and adapted. Here at Blue Ocean Innovative Solutions, we are committed to maintaining a healthy work-life balance, which is why we thought we would share some helpful tips and tricks on how to stay connected virtually!

Tip #1 – Plan a Virtual Break:

Just because there is no office, does not mean you cannot create a virtual break room for your staff. Many Blue Ocean team members find it beneficial to block off time just to chat like you would in the community staff room. Try taking a 15-minute coffee break with a member of your team and set aside a moment just to catch up on what’s going on in their day-to-day. Sometimes this can spark a new conversation that can lead to potential business ideas and aspirational thinking. We tend to have our best ideas when we collaborate with others!

Tip #2 – Company Contests:

There is nothing like the spirit of healthy competition to help kick-start your day! This past Christmas, Blue Ocean decided to have an Ugly Christmas Sweater competition to bring the team together for some good ole-fashion team bonding. Yes, there were some ugly sweaters involved as well… Participating in team building activities like this can create a healthy virtual work environment that allows everyone to come together to have a well-deserved laugh. Try out a craziest coffee mug competition or show and tell your beloved pets!

Tip #3 – Virtual Gym:

Just because there is no more access to a company gym, doesn’t mean you can’t jump on a call with a group of co-workers to say Namaste Monday! Try a virtual meditation session to boost morale, or even a chair stretching activity to make everyone get out of their seat and get their blood pumping. Exercise is a great tool to bring endorphins into your body, which in turn creates a positive mindset and atmosphere.

Tip #4 – Coworker Challenges:

What better way to hold each other accountable in the office, than creating a company-wide challenge! Diet and exercise challenges can be a fun way to get the office active and involved in a healthy lifestyle. Bring your New Year’s Resolutions to life! Try having a virtual meet up time scheduled for 30 minutes a week to discuss your progress and peak moments throughout your fitness goals. Journaling can also be a great tool to express yourself, so try promoting a challenge for your team to sit down once a week and create a journal entry about how their week went, or maybe something they are looking forward to doing. You could even have your team write down their favorite quotes or mantra’s that help keep them motivated. Use this journaling challenge to encourage your associates get out of their comfort zones and learn more about each other.


See, working from home doesn’t always have to be about lounging around in your pajamas; although we can all agree that part can be a positive. It’s truly so important to create an environment where leadership and team members can stay connected, while at the comfort of their own homes. Even though team building is only one part of the equation to building a strong and profitable business, a few intentional gestures can go along way toward making everyone feel a part of the team – no matter where they are. Try utilizing these tools in your own business TODAY and see the difference.

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