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The Importance of Online Reviews


It’s almost 2022, yeah just let that sink in for a second…And as most of us know, the future of online business is BOOMING! Consumers are shopping at the comfort of their own home verses dealing with the hustle and bustle of shopping in-store. Let’s face it, we are now in the age that activewear is considered business casual, so surfing the web for groceries is not a farfetched concept.

With that being said, online reviews from customers are now more crucial than ever. I mean ask yourself this question: Would you prefer to buy a new vacuum from that has 5,000 Five-Star reviews, or a vacuum that has zero reviews? I think we can all arguably agree that we would choose the vacuum with 5,000 Five-Star reviews, even if it costs a little bit more! For those of you purchasing the vacuum with zero reviews, you most likely have very good faith, or aren’t the most tech savvy shopper on the internet (remember this is a no judgement zone).

FACTS: Did you know that 91% of customers between the age of 18-34 trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation? And 94% of all purchases are made for products with an average rating of 4 stars and above?

Like it or not, online reviews from customers have created a new niche of marketing and communication that bridges the gap between standard word-of-mouth feedback that has traditionally influenced consumers opinions and shopping decisions. Now that we are in agreement on why reviews are so important, let’s dive deeper as to how it can effectively help businesses, like yours, grow.

  • Understanding Your Customers Needs and Wants: Reviews are a new social media forum were verified purchasers can give feedback regarding what they really enjoy about your product, as well as where they would like to see improvement. As a business owner, take this constructive criticism, and use it as a virtual focus group. Analyzing reviews left by your customer will help your company understand overall customer satisfaction, as well as an opportunity for your business to engage your consumers to provide instant customer service – That’s what we at Blue Ocean Innovative Solutions call a Win Win.
  • Building Credibility and Audience: 20 years ago, consumers relied on heavy sales pitches in-store, aggressive marketing tactics, and sample programing to help with their decision-making process of purchasing. Shoppers now look towards your businesses review counts or social media influence to help guide them towards the right purchase. That’s why it’s key to start early to build a positive review portfolio and engaging in social media sites that can boost your company’s sales.
  • Improve Organic Search Rankings: Have you ever heard of the phrase, the more reviews the higher the search? Well, now you have, and let that sink in… Reviews appear to be the most prominent ranking factor when it comes to organic search. Simply having successful marketing keywords and high review counts can instantly boost your business to the top of the search page, and in this day in age, that’s like having a rent-controlled apartment in the Upper East Side of NYC.

The moral of this blog post is that reviews are synonymous with sales. If you’re reading this post as a business owner looking to grow your online presence, understanding the reality of reviews and social influencing is key. If you’re an online shopper, consider this notion: Taking the time to curate and create real, influential testimonies or reviews can help grow a business. Whether the business is already a huge conglomerate, or a fresh start up looking to get their feet wet, what you leave on the review forum can be extremely impactful. Next time your shopping and you see one of your favorite products, leave them a positive and engaging review, because in turn this will help cultivate their business.

Speaking of reviews – Follow us on our social media pages to get a glimpse of what we do here at Blue Ocean. Like and comment on what you think of this blog, we would love the feedback!

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