Our team specializes in supporting the e-commerce ecosystem through the facilitation of new item setup, content quality management, marketing strategies and eCommerce sales and trends analysis.


HQ Sales

  • 1P & 3P sales strategy and execution
  • Product Page Placement
  • Account Planning
  • Product Delivery Support


  • Sales performance
  • Pricing insights
  • Online Pack Size Optimization
  • Personalized Content Quality Rating (CQR)

Copy and Content Management

  • New item creation
  • Maximize presence
  • Key word research analysis, implantation, and reporting
  • Product & lifestyle imagery consulting
  • Proven content quality scores
  • Item variant setups
  • Review syndication assistance
  • Advanced knowledge in Walmart’s Item360, Supplier Center and Seller Center
  • Walmart Marketplace item creation and onboarding
  • Assistance in successfully reinstating Walmart Marketplace suspended accounts


  • Direct Partnership with CCP and API enabled providers
  • Experience within the Walmart Paid Advertisement self-serve platform
  • Walmart Ad Campaign Creation, Management & Custom Reporting
  • PPC and SEO
  • Media and Display
  • Consultation on Advertising Strategies and SBA’s

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