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Search Brand Amplifiers – A Beginners Guide

Search Brand Amplifiers

What is an SBA you might be asking yourself? A Search Brand Amplifier is Walmart’s newest approach to premium search ads that showcase your brand and a curated portfolio of products that customers are actively searching on Walmart’s site and app. The name is purely designed with the intent of “Amplifying” your business.

Did you know – Walmart’s monthly searches on and application are up 71% year-over-year! Although we saw a heavy increase of overall growth in .com sales during COVID-19, this data shows that the consumers are enjoying shopping online and have no intent to stop.

What does that mean for your business? Walmart’s digital properties are more important than ever, and by utilizing these SBA’s with Walmart’s Media Group you can have your product be at the top of Walmart’s page. These SBA’s are designed to increase conversion, as well as brand awareness, keeping your brand not just at the top of the page, but at the top of the customer’s mind.

How much is this going to cost me? Well, SBA’s give advertisers access to new, less saturated ad inventory – making it cost effective. Simple, you only pay when a customer clicks on your ad.

SBA’s also assist with category targeting, which is a unique tactic that shows SBA ads to customers searching any keyword within relevant product categories suggested by Walmart’s algorithm. Take a pet jerky treat campaign for instance, category targeting ads serve to Walmart customers searching the entire pet food category using any keyword – such as “dog food”, “pet treats”, or “dental dog treats”.

Looking into utilizing SBA’s and questioning how to get your product to “top of page”? Visit our Contact Us page to schedule a meeting with one of our ecommerce division specialists.


  1. SBA Definition: Search Brand Amplifier
  2. SBA ads are displayed to customers who are searching for products like yours on or the app.
  3. Ads include a curated portfolio, and are shown on the search page, above the relevant search results the customer entered.
  4. SBA ads include your logo, custom headline, and up to 4 SKU’s – carousel module.
  5. Advertisers only pay when a customer clicks on their ad. Meaning there are no impression costs.
  6. Products must be in-stock, published, and available for sale online.
  7. Items must be winning the Buy Box.
  8. 10 products can be added to each campaign.
  9. Sku positioning in carousel module is based on item’s popularity and cannon by manually adjusted.
  10. Currently SBA’s are only available through API for 1P suppliers (no Marketplace 3p advertisers).

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